My K-1 visa processing timeline

When I started my K-1 visa process, my fiancee and I spent many hours researching on the internet to find out what documents were required. Perhaps the most pressing question that we wanted answered is how long will this process take.

We heard of friends of friends who had completed the entire process in less than three months. Others had to wait over 12 months. At the time we submitted our application, the estimate was six months.

As you can see from our K-1 visa processing timeline below, it did indeed take around six months from submitting the i-129F to receiving my K-1 visa in my hand at my apartment in London. However, with Christmas falling at a really awkward time, I decided to spend it with my Irish family.

In truth, I could have booked a medical before Christmas and may have got an earlier slot for my Embassy interview. Although, I booked my Embassy interview on 18 December and the earliest available slot was 20 January! So as you can see, there is quite a back log!

July 2016: Became engaged.

18 August 2016: Submitted i-129F

November 2016: i-129F approved

7 December 2016: Booked medical appointment

16 December 2016: Submitted DS-160

3 January 2017: Medical at Knightsbridge Surgery

20 January 2017: Interview at US Embassy in London

26 January 2017: Passport/Visa out or delivery/Book USA flight.

27 January 2017: Passport/Visa delivered to my door.

3 February 2017: Arrive in California via Dublin.

10 February 2017: Married and adjustment of status begins.




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